Executive Protection Program Testimonials:

I hired Paul Thomas to teach our employees a self-defense class after hearing of real estate agents being in empty houses and being assaulted. It was the best self-defense I have ever taken. His class was informative, intense and a great team building activity as he provided the opportunity for us to all practice with one another.  The staff left the class pumped and confident at the same time. The feedback I received was positive and every person left the room feeling more confident in their ability to defend themselves if needed. Paul is an amazing person as well as an expert in self-defense, physical fitness, conditioning and creating an ability to know your surroundings mindset.

– Christine Summers

My wife recently completed the Executive Protection Program with Paul and I would like to recommend this to all the women in your lives. Paul is a subject matter expert in the field of self defense who truly cares about his students. Whether a beginner or more advanced, the class helped in both understanding and putting in practice the concepts and actual physicality of defending oneself in a variety of real world scenarios with confidence. My wife feels more empowered and definitely learned new ways to defend herself and trust her instincts. I would recommend Paul and his training to everyone.

– Jeong Kim

Paul taught me the paramount skills for self-defense in a very efficient manner. Moreover, Paul has unparalleled vision and grit in creating positive disruption in self-defense industry which has and will continue to make an impact on people’s lives. While Paul is indisputably a maestro, his uncompromising ethics and character, boundless champion concerning client’s physical, mental and emotional strength and health are cornerstones for seeking him out. On top of everything, Paul is a compassionate gentleman. 

– Rosemarie Truman

My biggest takeaway from Paul’s martial arts/self-defense training is how it has made me reevaluate all the postulates, counterintuitive at first glance, with which we all grew up. Paul and I spent as much time learning the powerful techniques as we did discussing the psychology of aggression and mental confidence needed to defend oneself from potential dangers. I learned how to anticipate and understand the fundamental aspects of human behavior and how to use that knowledge in dangerous circumstances. I would highly recommend Paul’s training to anyone who would like to sharpen his or her dulled survival instincts and would consider it mandatory for anyone who would like to learn how to anticipate danger and be able to protect oneself as well as his or her loved ones.

– Robert Hayk

College Readiness Program Testimonials:

Paul did a phenomenal job teaching my daughter and her friend self-defense techniques to help protect them against assault. He is a wonderful, inspiring, thoughtful instructor, who knows how to connect with and motivate his students. His methods bring solid results. We’re grateful for his work with our daughter and highly recommend him to others. 

– William O.