What would you do if you were attacked? Could you react with confidence?

If you answered “No” or are unsure of what you would do, this program is for YOU!

Fit N Defend Boot Camp

This program is unlike any other program currently available and is derived from Tzee Wai Kuen.

Paul Thomas combines practical real world self defense and fitness in a natural environment. Ultilizing Tzee Wai Kuen and conditioning exercises to develop self confidence, endurance, physical vigor and enhance mental and physical strength. Obtaining knowledge and practical skills to avoid and take charge with confidence in any situation.

As Featured In...

U.S. News & World Report and "Getting Grit"

“A martial artist is someone who has the knowledge, the abilities, and the mind-set to know how to attack, when to attack, and what to do in a variety of circumstances. A martial artist is someone who is humble enough to learn from lower belts and respect all opponents. A martial artist is someone who meets your eyes and doesn’t run from a challenge. A martial artist is someone who can blend the moves together into graceful harmony. The person who just comes to class and does kicks and punches is not a martial artist yet. That is someone who does the martial arts.”

Getting Grit
Caroline Adams Miller

Empower yourself to act with confidence in any situation you encounter.