What would you do if you were attacked? Could you react with confidence? If you answered “No” to either question, this program is for you!

What will be covered during the CSR Program:

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Techniques based on principles of balance and leverage
  • Learn to use common everyday articles to your advantage (i.e. purses, luggage, shopping bags, etc.)
  • Learn real self defense in the shortest, most direct time possible

Instructor: Paul Thomas

  • 35+ years in martial arts
  • Tong Leong Karate – 9th Degree
  • Tzee Wai Kuen/ Jui Jitsu – 9thDegree
  • Defensive tactics instructor – 15 years
  • Women’s self-defense instructor – 20 years
  • Certified Fitness Trainer – 20+ Years

Where: Next Phase Bethesda
Who: Female High School Seniors and College Students
When: August 18th, 4-6 pm
Cost: $70 per person

To register, email